The Nutrimix is a factory of compound feed integrated in A Peróla do Kikuxi farm. This unit is central, representing the first stage of vertical integration with the other business units, especially in eggs production.

Currently has a capacity that allows the storage of 24 thousand tons of cereal and producing 20 T per hour, 70% of production sold intra-group, especially for poultry, meat chickens and laying chickens in all cycles and postures.
It began working in February 2014 and today has a team of nutritionists, veterinarians, electrical engineers and managers who constantly contribute in the development of the company and products.

With a technical and veterinary department, the laboratory and research center are among the great African players for innovation and development in the sector.


Nutrimix Lda . , aims to be a reference in the production of feed in Africa , contributing to value to its customers, employees, shareholders , suppliers and business partners on a permanent trusting relationship.

The vertical integration of the business is the success factor!

The success achieved by the companies that constitute A Pérola do Kikuxi farm is due to the vertical integration of the various business: Feed , eggs and chickens

The Nutrimix is located at the top of this integration and the company is responsible for the formulation and production of poultry feed of the underlying companies. The strong technological capability and the constant search for innovative solutions enable stability and performance for animal feed.