Classiovo was established in 2012 and today is one of the largest business units of the group. Integrated in A Pérola do Kikuxa farm, include all the steps of eggs production cycle: rearing of chickens, eggs postures spaces, classification and packing.

Classiovo, has 1.2 million chickens, installed in 10 spaces with automated control of temperature, humidity as well as the evolving conditions of food, average weight, etc.. This number allows for a production of 1 million eggs per day, making Classiovo the biggest egg producer in Angola.

The eggs selling is made by the Kikovo brand. Brand widely recognized in the market in which we operate .

Since we are fully committed with the quality of our eggs, we are equipped with a microbiology laboratory to ensure quality and food safety.


Classiovo has the intention to lead the eggs production and its derivatives in Angola, actively contributing and in a realistic way to feed the people of Angola.

Classiovo intends to produce domestic products with high quality standards, creating and providing the market with competitive, innovative and sustainable solutions, while maintaining high level of service and quality.

With increased capacity , Classiovo wants to start a new stage, in which it will position itself as an exporter , contributing positively to the socio- economic development of Angola, at the same time as it wants Kikovo brand to be recognized as a synonymous of quality and consumers confidence.

The vertical integration of the business is the success factor!

In A Pérola do Kikuxi farm, Classiovo produces and sells the product of greater involvement of the farm. It is known that the quality of the eggs is directly linked to the genetic quality of the birds and with the quality of supplied feed. In vertical integration with Nutrimix, the Classiovo enjoys this synergy to bring consumers a high quality egg.

Given the socio-economic characteristics of the people of Angola, the egg takes a leading role in national nutrition. It is a low cost source of protein, and is easy to find at any selling place. From non-formal markets to the great distribution and commercial areas.

In addition to the value created per-se, Classiovo puts the group closer to major consumer markets, building/increasing trusting relationships with customers and consumers.

Another key strategic factor is the potential profit possible due to the optimization of all business processes.

Classiovo, beyond the egg, has the ability to sell various sub-products, increasing the value of the product specializatio