The verticalization of the companies within the A Pérola do Kikuxi farm is a necessary and irreversible path to success. We highlight this process as an advantage in competitiveness, allowing complete independence, better results and greater autonomy. Avikuxi starts in 2014, based on a vertical strategy. It is a center of Slaughter and Poultry Processing, equipped with automated equipment for Poultry Slaughter and chickens.

Avikuxi commitment is to continue to invest in the development and launch new innovative products in order to strengthen our leadership in the market through preference and confidence among consumers. One example is the selling of fresh chicken on the Angola, a product that was non-existent on the market – and in which we are pioneers. This commitment to quality and food safety will bring to Avikuxi a successful journey, and the ongoing necessary research of new products to Angola.



Production and slaughtering poultry, processing and commerce of food products in the daily lives of the people of Angola. Constantly searching for an improvement of our processes and products.

Focusing on the development and launching of innovative products, in order to strengthen our leadership in the market through preference and confidence among consumers.


The vertical integration of the business is the success factor!

Integrated in A Pérola do Kikuxi farm, Avikuxi is key in vertical integration. It is our slaughterhouse and poultry processing complex.

Avikuxi places for the first time in the market Old Hen – end result of the production cycle in Classiovo . Old Hen is a cultural product in Angola, being present in the main traditional dishes. With the sales of Old Hen we guarantee the creation of intra-group value , since it allows addition of value to a discard product of Classiovo .

Simultaneously, Avikuxi is responsible for meat chicken processing – placing in Angolan market Fresh Meat Chicken and its derivatives such as wings and barbecue. Avikuxi is the only producer of these products in Angola and the only poultry slaughterhouse operating in Angola.

The availability of products ( Chicken and Meat Chicken ) Fresh from the Avikuxi , puts Avikuxi in a path of growth and success. Within the group, it marks the end of the vertical integration of poultry production started in Nutrimix , with the contribution of Classiovo ( chicken in the end of the production cycle )

In 2015, the Diside Group launched its stores – Palmas – and Avikuxi saw its relevance in Luanda commerce increase. The increase penetration of Avikuxi products in the market is expected , and leading consequently to increased production capacity.